SAYS is a great softball organization that offers all levels of play (recreational, all-star and select) for girls ages 4 to 18 year round.

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K-ball provides an exciting entry level of play for those youngsters 3-4 years of age, who will then move on to play within higher divisions.  A team roster will consist of 4-6 players.  K-ball teaches all of the basic fundamentals of the game of baseball such as, fielding, hitting, catching, throwing and running.  It accomplishes this in a fun and exciting way, with continuous action and simple to follow rules.

K-ball has 1 practice per week and play games on Saturday. 

K-ball players take the field much like in a regular T-Ball game with the defensive players taking an infield or outfield position. In the game of K-ball, the ball is placed on the tee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the base.  The runner remains on first, as  each player bats, the runner advances one base, until he reaches Home. The last batter continues around the bases until play ends at the plate.  At the end of each play, the ball is thrown back to the coach at home plate. Much like T-Ball, in K-ball the emphasis is on the play at first.  You end the half inning by going through the entire batting order.

In K-ball there is no need for gloves as the K-ball is soft. However, gloves are encouraged to practice catching and fielding, as well as preparing for the next level of play.  The softness of the ball will also eliminate the fear factor of being hit by the ball. Helmets however, are still required for safety reasons.
The fast pace of the game, as well as all players being involved both on defense, as well as offense, makes it an exciting and fun-filled experience for players, coaches and parents.  The game takes less than an hour to complete, as a result the players interest remains at a high level.

For additional information about K-Ball or if you are interested in coaching please contact the VP of Athletics, Melissa Lemons.